"Ehrenfeld" at Berthold Pott / Cologne

"Ehrenfeld" / Jonathan Binet, Daniel Boccato, Samuel Francois, Max Frintrop, Manor Grunewald, Agata Ingarden, Jens Kothe, Johanna von Monkiewitsch, Colin Penno, Evan Robarts, Loup Sarion

24 April – 29 May, 2021 

Berthold Pott
50825 Köln-Ehrenfeld
Widdersdorfer Strasse 185

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds

Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through

Turn and face the strange

(David Bowie, Change)

Jonathan Binet: born 1984, lives and works in Paris. Selected solo exhibitions: Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, Palais de Terre, Paris, France, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, Germany, Carl Kostyal, London, UK, Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, Art Basel Statements, Basel, Switzerland,  Gaudel da Stampa, Paris, France, Berthold Pott Cologne, Germany, Balice/Hertling, Paris, France, Spazio ORR, Italy (upcoming Sept. 2021).

Daniel Boccato: born 1991 in Brasil, lives and works in Brooklyn. Selected solo and 2-person exhibitions: The Journal, New York, USA, Sorry We are Closed, Brussels, Belgium,  Carl Kostyal, London, UK, Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany, M+B Gallery Los Angeles, USA, Ribot Gallery, Milan, Italy, Formato Comodo, Madrid,  Spain, Sundays, Copenhagen, Denmark, Mascota gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.

Samuel Francois: born 1977 in Pompey, France, lives and works in Hettange-Grande, France. Selected Exhibitions: Centre d´Art Nei, Luxemburg, Michel Journiac, Paris, France, D.A.S.H, Kortrijk, Belgium, Wschod Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany.

Max Frintrop: born 1982, lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. Selected Exhibitions: Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany, Kunstmuseum Wiesbaden, Germany, Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz, Germany, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, Germany, Museum PEAC, Freiburg, Germany, Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany, Fondazione Carreiro, Milan, Italy, Art Factory, Budapest, Hungary, Lyles and King, New York, USA, Andersen´s Contemparary, Copenhagen, Denmark, Albert Baronian, Brussels, Belgium, A+B Brecia, Italy, Hort Family Collection, New York, USA, Kunstverein Parkhaus im Malkasten, Düsseldorf, Germany, Ober Gallery, Kent, USA, Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany. 

Manor Grunewald: born 1985, lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. Selected Exhibitions: De Garage, Mechelen, Belgium, A+B Gallery Brescia, Italy, Jerome Pauchant, Paris, France, Riot, Gent, Belgium, Vogel gallery, New York, USA, Billy Town, The Hague, The Netherlands, Steve Turner Los Angeles, USA, Van den Weghe, Antwerp, Belgium, Fifty Projects, Mexico City, Mexico, Aujourd´hui, Lisboa, Portugal, CARdrde Bologna, Italy, Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany.

Agata Ingarden: born 1994 in Poland, lives and works in Paris. Selected Exhibitions: Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FRAC, Paris, East Contemporary, Milan (together with Agniezka Polska), Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Künstlerhaus Vienna, Wien, Silesian Museum Katowice, Poland, Kunstfort, Amsterdam (upcoming May 2021), High Art, Paris, France, Kraupa Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin, Germany, Piktogram, Warsaw, Poland, Soft Opening, London, UK, Sans Titre, Paris, France, Exo Exo, Paris, France, Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany.

Jens Kothe: born 1985, lives and works in Bochum, Germany. Selected Exhibitions: Philara Collection, Düsseldorf, Germany, Kunsthaus Essen, Germany, Kunsthalle Bochum, Germany, Museum Kunstpalast, Germany, Ruhrtriennale Bochum, Germany, Efremidis Gallery, Berlin, Germany, Barbé Urbain Gent, Belgium, Museum Ostwall, Dortmunder U, Dortmund, Germany, Platform 6a, Otegem, Belgium, Kunstverein Heppenheim (upcoming summer 2021), Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden (upcoming June 2021), Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany. 

Johanna von Monkiewitsch: born 1979 in Rome, Italy, lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Selected Exhibitions: Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany, Leopold-Hösch-Museum, Düren, Germany (upcoming Sept 2021) Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany, Kunsthalle Bremerhaven, Germany, Kunstverein Bochum, Germany (upcoming 2021), Photographisches Museum Braunschweig, Germany, Museo Ca´Rezzonico, Venice, Italy, AK Raum Köln, Germany, Kunstraum Alexander-Bürkle, Freiburg, Germany, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Berthold Pott Cologne, Germany.  

Colin Penno: born 1980, lives and works in Essen, Germany. Selected Exhibitions: Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany, Museum Dortmunder U, Germany, Kunsthaus Essen, Germany, Kunstverein Mönchengladbach, Germany, Osnova Gallery Moscow, Russia, The Cabin, Los Angeles, USA, The Hort Family Collection, New York, USA, Museum Rheda Wiedenbrück, Germany, Berthold Pott Cologne, Germany.

Evan Robarts: born 1985 in Miami, lives and works in Brooklyn, USA. Selected Exhibitions: Kunsthalle Bremerhaven, Germany, The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, USA, Exo Exo, Brooklyn, USA, The Primary, Miami, USA, Bryce Wolkowitz, New York, USA, Elliot Levenglick, Los Angeles, USA, The Art Factory, Budapest, Hungary (upcoming 2021).

Loup Sarion: born 1987 in France, lives and works in Brooklyn, USA. Selected Exhibitions: MAC Val Museum France, Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany, 

C-L-E-A-R-I-N-G Gallery New York, USA, Carl Kostyal, Malmö, Sweden, Sorry We Are Closed, Brussels, Belgium, M+B Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, Formato Commodo, Madrid, Spain, Socrated Sculpture Park, Brooklyn, USA, SpazioA, Pistoia, Italy.