Nina Manobra at JIR SANDEL / Copenhagen

Nina Manobra (collaboration between Magnus Frederik Clausen and Claus Haxholm)

November 21 - November 26, 2020

Sankt Hans Gade 14, 
Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo credits: Brian Kure

For her solo exhibition at JIR SANDEL, Nina Manobra deals with transportation, boredom, and layers, layers, layers. Layers of Boredom, Layers of Time, Layers of Thoughts, Layers of Colours, and Layers of Paper. In the endless hours She uses on commuting, Nina Manobra observes the immediate surroundings, where some things appear up close, but most things flash by in a short glimpse. These moments come back to Us in dreams. When We take the time to remember, We are overwhelmed by the memory of perceptions and images often overlooked. They are a base on which layers upon layers and layers of everyday hustling, moving, talking, and watching are added. 

Nina Manobra is a collaborative project by Magnus Frederik Clausen and Claus Haxholm