Es wäre nie passiert at Kunsthaus Dahlem / Berlin

Es wäre nie passiert - Zazzaro Otto

Kunsthaus Dahlem
Käuzchensteig 8
14195 Berlin

Zazzaro Otto presents a selection of works in the Kunsthaus Dahlem entitled “Es wäre nie passiert “(It would never happen).
The reflection that opens revolves around the behaviors we adopt with respect to symbols and evidence of history. Each of the exhibited works has to do with removing and omitting, or with remembering, re-evoke. The central focus is always an object or element that is manipulated and decontextualized until it takes on a new form, recalling (or purpo- sely omitting) memories and meanings far from missing.
What is the guideline for choosing whether to topple down a statue or not? Is it a political choice? Aesthetics? Is it a moral duty? If we decide to erase the traces of repudiated ideologies, with which one criterion do we do it? The artist does not offer answers to these questions, this is not his job, but he does a path of exploration between destroyed symbols and re-enacted symbols, 

In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum is a placeholder text common-lyused to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relyingon meaningful content. Artist’s interest in the architecture of the Kunsthaus Dahlem pushes him to focus on It’s origins as a former state studio built between 1938 and 1942 for Arno Breker, of whom here today no trace remains. It does so through a site-specific installation on the external front and rear of the building. Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, meaningless Latin phrase used in graphics as a filler for embedding text in a layout amplifies the concept of container without content: the placeholder highli- ghts that an element of meaning is missing in that place. The Fraktur font, used by National Socialists in the thirties, reinforces the need to always deal openly with the past giving priority to historical awareness.

This motorcycle helmet that looks like a war helmet, apparently found instead rebuilt, it is not just any helmet. Through an oxidation process the helmet takes on the appearance of an archaeological Find. The Historical reworking evokes memories like the unearthed helmet of fallen soldier, but this is precisely how the recontextualized object keeps its meaning intact longer pure, releasing vital energy again.