Tom Putman at UtrechtDownUnder 2020 / Utrecht

Tom Putman - Dropped Ceiling

Curated by Elaine Vis

November 19 – December 21, 2020

UtrechtDownUnder 2020, 
former library Utrecht, the Netherlands

This site specific installation is part of an exhibition in a former library of 5000 m2 including 70 artists and six different sections. This work can be found in the INVESTIGATORS & INVENTORS section, where the process is more important than the outcome. It is a lab where concepts are born from true curiosity.

As it is, the library invites the public to come and ‘read’ the art. As libraries do, there will be categorizing, according to genre, which is where the concept of the exhibition and the meaning of the location meet.

This categorizing highlights the mentality, the starting position of the initial development and making of several works. Obviously, there is a risk in wanting to label artists. However, with the philosophy of Edward de Bono in mind, they honestly believe that they have not harmed the uniqueness of any of the artists. Energy and passion are always tangible and the paradigms underneath the development of different works are different. Also, and that goes without saying, every artist has developed a completely unique and personal work of art, even in their category. Driven either by a carefully considered purpose or by impulse.