Alessandro Carano at CASTIGLIONI / Milan

 "A loro rischio e pericolo" / Alessandro Carano

30 September - 20 November, 2020

Via Giuseppe Luosi, 30
20131, Milan, Italy

Photo Credit: Filippo Armellin

Remember that you are less necessary than your materials. Your materials are not your cold weapons. In view of the above, it ensues that:

You won’t have to simply respect your work materials; they are your work. You are their medium. You will have to busy yourself with their perpetration, with their wellbeing, even if that is detrimental to your very own.

In order for something entropic to be produced, remember to look after your tools in the most efficient of ways. You are a gamekeeper, you have to watch over a population’s wellbeing that breeds independently from you, but whose wellbeing depends exclusively on you.

In view of the above, it ensues the following:

Turn your back from modernism and avant-garde in any way, shape or form they may come. Your painting craft won’t be processual; it will be human instead, from your tool’s point of view.

Arrange everything so that it won’t be your free will anymore, but the most imperceptible manifestation of your tools.

Follow their demands, to each and every one of the tools (that, now this dynamic has been clarified, we won’t be calling yours anymore) corresponds an innate manifestation. They were born to add up to each other, in a complete sum.

Respect the canvas’ pattern. In its intentions there is more than what the free will could ever dream of. You don’t even possess the power of enhancing its pattern. By the sole virtue of you being human, introduce it to human beings who, like you, need presentations.

We restate that the lines are given. They choose you by following the illustration principle of their possibilities. They need color in order to manifest these possibilities. The color itself finds its function now, not you.

This is enough for an artwork to be created. Now let’s get back to the materials that need good health in order to manifest themselves. Let’s focus now on their preservation.

- Do not impress the canvas. Respect its weave, preserve its flat surface within the limits of its tension.

- Do not choose the colors. Once in your hands, keep in mind that the moment in which they will manifest themselves will coincide with their decay. Protect them from oxygen, consider their intolerance to air as much as you consider your necessity for air.

- Do not lick your brushes. Preserve their tips with distilled water, luscious soap and courtship.

- Do not use any file to sharpen awl’s tip. Use the stone with the finest grain that you can find in nature. Its tip will have to be so sharp that it will be able to get to the antimatter.

- Do not sharpen box cutter with anything solid, not even with a leather strip. Use running water instead, and the necessary time, though extended and abounding, will be worth it.

The ending result will be excellent.

- Daniele Milvio

Alessandro Carano
Born in Gallarate, Italy, 1984; lives and works in Milan.

It might include or avoid feelings, curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, Hyphen projects, Milan (2019); Summer Show, CASTIGLIONI, Milan (2019); Le Mond Ou Rien, Sgomento, Napoli (2019); Amigo Secreto, escritorio técnico, Sao Paulo (2019); Verlörung , curated by Tenzing Barshee in occasion of Art Berlin, Berlin (2018); Poltrone d'Europa, CASTIGLIONI, Milan (2018); Dio C’è, BFA MILANO, Milan (2017); Donkey Man, Mendes Wood Dm, Sao Paulo (2017); Goodguys (Gran Riserva), Gasconade, Rome (2014).