SEX CAVE at Konstepidemin


Curated by Marie Florin, Yrsa Petersson, Lisa Broms, Caroline Uggla, Emelié Sterner, Gabriel Collander, Joseph Björk Linderoth, Lisa Liljeström, Mille Holtegaard, Sally Karlsson, Stella Dieden Richter 

3 October - 25 October 

Konstepidemins väg 6
413 14 Gothenburg 

Före: håll mig våt:delad, Stella Dieden Richter
Håll mig våt: Delad, Stella Dieden Richter

The seduction of discovery, Caroline Uggla

I want to be in your fantasy, could you be in mine, Emelié Sterner

Dirt below earth, Gabriel Colliander

Pure of heart, pleasure death, Joseph Björk Linderoth 

Elsa babe, Lisa Broms 

Jag kommer med solsken till dig, Lisa Liljeström 

A woman's work is never done, Marie Florin 

Kønsdysfori, Mille Holtegaard 

One Eyed Wonder, Sally Karlsson

Transition, Yrsa Petersson 

Photos by Clara Ketter 

SEX CAVE is sweating. SEX CAVE charges Bergrummet with 11 individual interpretations and abstractions of sex - the carnal, the spiritual, the constructed.
Participating artists:

Marie Florin

Yrsa Petersson @yrsapetersson

Lisa Broms @inflykt

Caroline Uggla @caroline_uggla_

Emelié Sterner @emelie.sterner Gabriel Colliander @gabrielcolliander

Joseph Björk Linderoth @cyborg_sasquatch

Lisa Liljeström @lisalilje

Mille Holtegaard @milleholtegaard

Sally Karlsson @bby.faze

Stella Dieden Richter @firstladymcdijk


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