A MOMENT IN THE SUN at Galleri Syster, Luleå

A MOMENT IN THE SUN / Curated by Judit Kristensen and Viktor Mattsson 

Judit Kristensen
Viktor Mattsson

25 Sept - 10 Oct 

Galleri Syster
Sandviksgatan 18 A
972 36 Luleå

Eternal days, rag roses, loneliness, deforestation, half-year-long nights and exclusion.
Light and darkness alternate at such a speed in Northern Sweden that they become intertwined, and in the
ends becomes impossible to think of light without also thinking of the darkness that follows. 
This northern bipolarity is the starting point in Judit Kristensen and Viktor Mattsson's exhibition "A moment in the sun" at Galleri Syster in Luleå. 
Viktor's paintings show a lone man's midsummer celebration, which begins with a nice party in the woods ending with angels coming. 
Judit's paintings show a child releasing his fish and eating a salami sandwich in a dark landscape with unstable contours. The exhibition shows happy moments with darkness on the horizon and it runs from hatred to the part of Sweden where happy eternal days are followed by half-year long nights.