Elliot Fox at Platform Southwark / London

Idol Hands

Elliot Fox

Platform Southwark

12 September to 10 October 2020

1 Joan St, South Bank, London 
SE1 8BS, United Kingdom

Through the repetition of visual and verbal iconography, often sourced from alternative means of communication such as braille or sign, Elliot is able to undermine our preconceptions of language. Conventional linguistic structures are supplanted by a unique and personal narrative of imagery, a substitute dialect which serves as the vehicle for Elliot’s continued artistic endeavours.


In this latest body of work, Elliot introduces the natural by means of floral depictions, a reference to his rural upbringing in the Cornish countryside as well as an organic antithesis to the industrial influence evident in his work. Man’s relationship to nature, industry and technology converge in Idol Handsthrough the wider investigation of Britain’s recent history and the subcultures that have stemmed from post-industrialism. Suggestions to dance and rave culture flow from Elliot’s use of colour and reflection, as well as the exhibition’s custom lighting effects and accompanying soundscape. 

The industrial underpinning of the works is further implied by the aforementioned use of repetition, visual evidence of their means of production that utilises processes imitative of mass manufacturing, such as printing, welding and metalwork. 


Finally, Idol Handspresents as an immersive and interactive installation, entertaining us visually, aurally and haptically. This multi-sensory experience aims to heighten ones emotional response to, and physical connection with, Elliot’s artworks, and acts as an antidote to our ever-increasing exposure to the virtual. The audience’s presence and prescribed participation ultimately activate the exhibition.


    Thursdays, Fridays + Saturdays, 12 - 6pm.

    Monday - Wednesday by appointment only.


A  Appointments & Enquiries: campbellha96@gmail.com / elliotfoxhatch@gmail.com



The exhibition coincides with the release of Elliot’s latest publication, Idol Hands, published by Foolscap Editions. 


Special thanks to Sean Rohr, George Hatton, Jacob Yarwood, Martin Ingle, Dan Fletcher, Alia Hamaoui, Kieran Whitefield, Ellis Deaves, Alex Sainsbury, Charlie Mills & everyone at Collective Ending.