Trickster – Lauter Lagen (Situational Sundries) at NKR Neuer Kunstraum / Düsseldorf

 Trickster – Lauter Lagen (Situational Sundries)

Stephan Engelke, Sven Fritz, Dennis Dycks, Jonas Maas, Jessica Twitchell, Markus Zimmerman

21 August - 29 September 2020

NKR Neuer Kunstraum

Himmelgeister Str. 107E

40225, Düsseldorf


Under the pseudonym Trickster, Stephan Engelke and Sven Fritz will implement an extensive setting titled »Lauter Lagen« (Situational Sundries), in the style of Project of Sceneries ( The settings will change and develop over the course of the runtime and then consolidate into event images by the name of »Situations« during three functions. 

During the formation of the process picture, as well as the »Situations«, Engelke and Fritz will be supported by Dennis Dycks (Ana Ott), Jonas Maas, Lou Baltasar, Jessica Twitchell and Markus Zimmermann. The cooperations will generate the impulses for individual atmospheres and image characteristics.

The specific configurations of sculptural, installative, auditive and performative components are compiled associatively, from the thematic fields of (sportive) games, dwellings – nomadic lifestyles, camping and Robinsonesque sceneries ... the goal is not a naturalistic, illustrative reproduction ratio, more a parallel movement to phenomena of play and nomadism that draws from the artistic stock of the participating persons.

During each of the »Situations«, the spacial constellations being established and transformed during the entireity of the ›exhibition‹ work towards, and once again away from, a scenic pinnacle.

The arrangement is informed more by the concept of a structurally open, comprehensive work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) than a closed play, so the movements of the viewers add to the image.