Eliza Ballesteros at Off Space | Moltkerei Werkstatt / Cologne

Eliza Ballesteros


3 Sept - 14 Sept 2020

Curated by Alexander Pütz

Off Space| Moltkerei Werkstatt e.V.

Moltkestraße 8

50674 Köln


The works of Eliza Ballesteros (*1988 in Hanover, lives and works in the Rhineland area) deal with the materiality and figuration of objects and their relation to space. She sees objects as carriers of social and political structures. By manipulating and reformulating seemingly familiar objects in form, scale and surface, Eliza Ballesteros makes social dispositives visible.

The objects in the exhibition DOMESTIC HECK are the results of an ongoing research about hunting as a cultural practice and the hunters’ lodge as a place of tradition. Eliza Ballesteros thus negotiates questions of heritage, tradition and folklore, of ascribed gender roles and archaism as well as the domestication of nature.

Photos courtesy of Hans Diernberger