Bodylotion at Zeller van Almsick / Vienna


Artists: Minda Andrén, Jagoda Bednarsky, Eva Beresin, Michael Fanta, Kerstin von Gabain, Gelitin, Nicholas Grafia, Eiko Gröschl, Nschotschi Haslinger, Karolina Jabłońska, Anna Jermolaewa, Charlotte Klobassa, Max Kolten, Xenia Lesniewski, Josip Novosel, Evelyn Plaschg, Tim Sandow, Grace Weaver, Marlon Wobst, Sonja Yakovleva

10 July - 22 August 2020

Zeller van Almsick

Franz-Josef-Kai 3/16

1010, Vienna


All images courtesy of the artist and Zeller van Almsick, photo: Simon Verres ©2020

„Hey, cut it out! I‘m not used to people touching me
unless they‘re two-dimensional!“
“So, Micah. Tell me about yourself. How old are you?”
“Do you go to school?” said Marlowe
“Not anymore.”
“What do you study?”
“Waiting tables at a bar.”
“So—do you want to be here today?”
“Can you tell me a little about your family?”
“How about what happened to you that night?”
“It was magic.”
“And you said you don’t want to be here today?”
“Would you like something to eat?”
“Yes, I do want a cookie with milk. I would also like a
“Chocolate chip okay?“
„Yeah, chocolate chip would be good. I‘ll eat it at the bar
before it opens. I can‘t sit at the dinner table when you‘re
so distant.“
„Why are you so touchy-feely? NO! I won‘t succumb
to such normie tactics! Who do you think you are, just
touching me like that?!“
“Would you walk with me?“ Phoenix asked imploringly.
Not the norm, a touch of naughty: Sexual organ of the
Damn, he opens his mouth and crap comes oozing out.
„If you keep this up, you‘re gonna get... you‘re gonna
make me blush!“
„Not sure my body can handle any more physical
contact.“ Marlowe ejaculated.
“Pink. I was into pink that year.”
“I love you,” breathed Phoenix
Can you even get the dialogue going? Skip the filler and
reach for the meat. Skip the boring, pointless talk. Opt
for body lotion.