Filippo Marzocchi at Galeria Fran Reus / Palma de Mallorca

Filippo Marzocchi

June - September 2020

Galeria Fran Reus
Palma de Mallorca

Photo: Grimalt de Blanch

"In this work I deal with the issue of rewriting some rules through signs, originally
traffic signals and other behaviors of society per se. The rules are rewritten
through language and, therefore, an imaginary. Every signal or call is connected
to an image that comes from the military world, although distorted and
rewritten, every signal has a title that shows a part of the call of sports games,
precisely from the NFL. These calls are encoded messages, so they aren't
readable for everyone, only within the team, therefore, in a closed circle, it is
precisely a matter of rewriting and dictating the laws within a group in an
almost impervious way. Codes can always be intercepted or encoded, they can
also be interpreted personally. Space is a set of codes and calls that lose their

main function due to pictorial language."