Philipp Pess at Bildraum 01 / Wien

Philipp Pess

"Altar Ego"

May 2020

Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Wien

Philipp Pess (*1987 ) creates virtual reproductions of dantesque scenarios, as well as reenactments of infernal landscapes.                                                                                     Areas are photographed in their entirety, meter by meter, and rearranged in a virtual 3D-Model. The resulting scenarios, made out of the original 3D-Scans, analog and digital photographies and also smart phone material, are then filmed or photographed with a virtual camera within the 3D-simulation and subsequently completed with digitally drawn intervening elements creating picturesque mixed media collages. 
In his photographs and videos, the artist often incorporates ironic self-portraits that guide viewers through digital hell. Furthermore, his works aim to generate depoliticized substitute worlds which are detached from respective relations of life and power of the visualized scene but also point a finger at current global events. The ductus of landscape as a construct of politically shaped and subjective perception transforms into a virtual simulation of landscape, while presentation mechanisms of reality and its manifestations lead to the creation of surrogates.