NO PLACE LIKE HOME at Espai Tactel / Valencia


Participating artists: Aggtelek, Anzo, Paco Chanivet, Christo & Andrew, Fito Conesa, Natacha Lesueur, Amanda Moreno, Guillermo Ros, Michael Roy, Luis Úrculo and the archive of JL Quintana Mayer

Co-curated with Fito Conesa

12 April 2020 – 31 May 2020

Espai Tactel
C/ Caballeros, 35. 2º. p3
46001 Valencia, Spain

Amanda Moreno

Fito Conesa

Paco Chanivet

The exhibition No Place Like Home as sprung upspontaneously as a way of not brusquely interrupting the gallery programming at Espai Tactel. The gallery owners, Ismaël Chappaz and Juanma Menero, live behind the Gallery. Two openings, two doors, two millimetre-thick cuts into the white cube separate the artistic from the domestic. Withoutdoubt a fragile line, a blurredfrontier and such a subtle fold in their lives,which has been totally erased in the confinement. Ismaël and Juanma are living in a gallery of contemporary art.Thus, the exhibition is not simply something with whichto cover onlinecontent, but a way of resumingtheir activity in the framework of this new normality.No super-production, no “we will overcome”, but a continuing line drawn on the paper with a sure hand. [...]