Hadaly Villasclaras at Factoria de Arte y Desarrollo / Madrid

Hadaly Villasclaras 
I lost a picture I had saved

March-May, 2020

Factoria de Arte y Desarrollo

I LOST A PICTURE I HAD SAVED is a project about wanting and not wanting to be seen.
The common threat in these artworks is an absent image, recreated with different pieces
taking the form of furniture and other objects found in a domestic sphere -or camouflaged
among them-. These elements help to dramatize the room to simulate a space of privacy,
creating a fictitious setting where the viewer is involved to follow a narrative threat about the
mystery of this non-visible picture. This way, the project focuses on the illusion of privacy in
the domestic space and on the contradictions found when proposing ways to escape the regime of visibility we live in.
Under this pretext, the artworks have been created by using different visual strategies in order to negate the image; trolling different devices of representation or presentation thereof; and creating allegorical motifs about the condition of the access to the visible and the overexposure from which the contemporary subject is affected.
The painting, and more specifically, the painting-object, has been the driving force of the entire project. It has been approached not only through its visual possibilities –turning the canvas into curtains, a tablecloth or flowers petals–, but also attending to its rhetorical and intertextual codes; appealing to the historical notion of the painting as a window and linking it to other formats and strategies of traditional conceptual art and memes –such as self-reference and surreal humour–.

You can visit the exhibition online at:  https://ilostapicture.hotglue.me