Patric Sandri & Adam Thompson at Vebikus Kunsthalle / Schaffhausen

Patric Sandri & Adam Thompson

Me, You, Myself, Yourself, I and You

6 March - 19 April 2020

Vebikus - Kunsthalle, Schaffhausen (CH)

With this exhibition, the two artists Patric Sandri and Adam Thompson want to use the conventional exhibition format in a new way and break up the exhibition rhythm lived up to now. Instead of a classical juxtaposition of works created in the studios of the two artists, they are striving for an intensive collaboration.

They are exchanging works of art that have already begun and works that have not yet been completed. These are then viewed, interpreted and completed in the studio of the other artist in his or her own way. Their aim is to present, in contrast to the usual, jointly created works which, as in a symbiosis, can no longer be viewed separately and thus merge into a new whole, a new work.

The works developed together for the exhibition space are only completed together in the exhibition space and are thus to a certain extent bound to the exhibition space. The exhibition space thus becomes a shared studio of symbiosis.

The two artists are curious to what extent their personal way of working and view of their own work changes when they are confronted with different approaches to work. To what extent can such a confrontation detach one from one's own artistic universe, expand it or even complete it?