Luca Monterastelli at Lia Rumma / Naples

"Weightless" / Luca Monterastelli

March 5 - prolonged until further notice 
(currently closed to the public due to Covid-19)

Lia Rumma  
Via Vannella Gaetani, 12 
80121 Naples, Italy

Photo credit: Danilo Donzelli
Images courtesy of the artist and Lia Rumma gallery Milan/Naples

Oh Alley, Oh Alley,
Why Aren’t You Blessed From the Sun That Irradiated the Valley?

Oh Seagulls, Oh Seagulls,
Who’s Gonna Take Care of Our Skulls?

Oh Morning Dew, Oh Morning Dew,
How Can You Spit on Something That You Won’t Chew?

Oh Loving One, Oh Loving One,
We Won’t Miss You When You’ll Be Done

Oh Sudden Fears, Oh Sudden Fears, 
Where Are the Bones of All My Dears?

Oh Mammal Instinct, Oh Brother Instinct, 
Why Are You Still Scared to Be Linked

Oh Tied Shoelace, Oh Tied Shoelace, 
We’ll Find out Where the Bullet Lays

Oh Sad Desire, Oh Sad Desire,
but They Can’t Find No One to Admire

Oh Great Grief, Oh Great Grief,
There Are No Flowers Upon Our Graves

Oh I See You’re Trying, All This Smiling, 
to Do What? Save Yourself by Lying?

Oh Bad Home, Oh Bad Home, 
We Weren’t Ready to Be Gone

Oh Stone, Oh Dumb Stone,
of Which Big Body ‘re You the Bone?

Oh Scared Metal, Oh Scared Metal,
Too Many Times I Watched It Fall, Your Blue Petal

Oh Sad Desire, Oh Sad Desire,
but They Can’t Find No One to Admire

Oh Moment of Sadness, Oh Sad Moment, 
Why We Feel Bad to Want Back Our Gladness?

Oh Ma’ Belle, Oh My Beau,
Why Can’t He Have Three Good Things in a Row?

Oh Happy Whore, Oh Happy Whore, 
They Still Don’t Know How to Adore

Oh Little Girl, Oh Clumsy Girl,
You Know You Won’t Hide Behind Your Curl

Oh Waves, Oh Waves,
Whisper Me Again the Sad People Weeps

Oh Chrome, Oh Precious Chrome, 
What We Have It’s Just Seafoam

Oh Me, Oh Me,
What Should We Do to Who Disagrees?

Oh Dear Sulfur, Dear Sulfur,
Aren’t You the Top of All Our Culture?

Oh Poor Us, Oh Poor Us,
How We Will Rest After All This Fuss?

Oh Sorrow, Oh Sorrow,
Now We Understand That There Is No Morrow

Oh Gold, Oh Gold,
They Are Trying to Make Your Mould!

Oh Queasy Idol, Queasy Idol,
You Are the Very Reason That Makes Us Idle

Oh Yellow Wraith, Oh Yellow Wraith, 
I Can Count Us up Just to Eight

Oh Bright Bethyl, Oh Great Bethyl,
We Can See You When We Breathe Our Methyl

Oh Spark, Oh Lovely Spark,
You Only Are the Bright Among All This Dark

Oh Golden One, Oh Golden One, 
Are You Trying to Fool Someone?

Oh Childish Fear,Oh Childish Fear, 
My Fingers Can Go Till Four

Oh Gold, Oh Faux Gold,
I’ve Been Told That Your Bite Is Bitter Cold

Oh Snow Eater, Oh Snow Eater, 
We Won’t Forgive You Neither

Oh You Last One, Trembling Last One, 
It’s Just an End and so On