Soft walls, Dry Fruits at n / a / Seoul

Soft walls, Dry Fruits

Sanghoon Ahn, Anaïs Edely, Daniel Hahn, Aneta Kajzer, Johannes Mundinger, Serin Oh,
Kyung Ryul Park.

20.03.14 - 20.04.26

n / a
2f - 3f  27 Changgyeonggung-ro 5-gil
Jung-gu , Seoul , Republic of Korea

The basic idea, the starting point for the exhibitions topic was the situation there was, in Berlin and the current situation in Korea, having a border dividing the country. 

So it’s about a vague field of borders, border crossing, metaphorically, and what comes along. 

Daniel Hahns diptych consists of painting and printed letters, referring to censorship, Serin Oh created small bronzes with rotten fruits arranged in various places in the gallery. Partially placed on pieces of concrete from Euljiro, as this areas current state is being endangered by the redevelopment. 
Anais Edely is referring to the power of attraction of mental images around body and sex: thoughts, fantasies, dreams that inspire and condition us. 
Johannes Mundinger work is based on a fragile ground, painted glass, playing with views on walls, while Sanghoon placed a painted wall right in the exhibition space discovering its possibilities. 
Aneta Kajzers paintings oscillate between figuration and abstraction, Kyung Ryul Parks work conquers the space and invites the visitor to cross the border of interacting with exhibited objects.