Karolina Jabłońska at Zeller van Almsick / Vienna

Karolina Jabłońska / Hyperbole

21 January - 7 March, 2020

Zeller van Almsick
Franz-Josefs-Kai 3
1010, Vienna

How committed are you to your artworld status? A questionnaire.
By Jolesch

1. What keeps you up at night?
            a)          That unexplainable and undeserved St.delschule graduates Contemporary Art Daily feature
            b)         Your mothers relentless messages pitching you an alternative career as a life coach because youve                                     got such a presence
            c)          That gallerists kind but firm reminders to finally send them proof that youve actually been working

2. Which one of these three people irritates you the most?
            a)          Alex G., whose innate genderbending nonchalance seems to be surpassed only by their ability to
                        successfully collaborate with desirable artworld figures on edgy projects
            b)         Alex D., who sells you coffee in the morning and really seems pretty happy doing only that
            c)          Alex K., who once called your work interestingand then slowly strolled away

3. When you exercise, what thought motivates you most?
            a)          I once gave my contact details to Cecilia Alemani and she thanked me for it, pretty sure shell reach
                        out so we can work on something for the next Venice Biennale!
            b)         You made the right choices. You made the right choices. YOU. MADE. THE. RIGHT. CHOICES.
            c)          You look amazing in these compression tights.

4. If you had to choose any other job than what youre doing now, it would be
            a)          CEO of an oil or private defence company - who cares, so long as people fear me
            b)         Well, I guess a life coach, right mom?!
            c)          Music therapist for rescue animals.

5. What artist makes your heart beat faster?
            a)          Cindy Sherman, because you once heard she only travels First Class to her own exhibitions and
                        refuses to talk to museum staff with the word associateor assistantin their job titles
            b)         KAWS, because hes a marketing genius
            c)          Egon Schiele, because his way of executing tortured limbs feels like a direct reflection of your psyche

6. You’re going to an opening. What do you wear?
            a)          Acne. Just so much Acne. And maybe one of Maurizio Cattelan’s Museum League scarves? Yes? Is
                        there a solid black one?
            b)         Business casual. You never know what opportunities arise at an opening.
            c)          Layers and layers of washed-out t-shirts and sweaters. Oh, and those compression tights, of course.
7. If you had to choose a sport to practice professionally, it would be…
            a)          Tennis, because I too want to be courted by dodgy watch brands after having won an epic five-hour
                        battle on the Wimbledon central court. Or professional cheerleading, based on that Netflix show.
            b)         Line fishing.
            c)          I hear swimming is pretty meditative.

8. Where do you hope to rank in the Art Review Power 100 one day?
            a)          I’m honestly surprised I haven’t been featured yet, but I’d say #1 would make sense.
            b)         Please leave me out of this.
            c)          I’d be happy to be at 98 for one year and then fall into total oblivion so people leave me in peace.

9. What common denominator do your revenge fantasies share?
            a)          Just really awful, violent verbal humiliation. Same goes for my sex life.
            b)         One of these shiny, bouncy plastic balls.
            c)          A huge, beautiful white cube in which I then proceed to do all sorts of sadistic things to the person
                        who sends me reminders about bills unpaid.
10. If you could say anything to one of the people you thought of while taking this questionnaire, what would it be?
            a)          ‘Why can’t people write normal, explanatory press releases anymore?’
            b)         ‘I’m sorry I blocked you on WhatsApp, but you started it.’
            c)          ‘Could we meet twice a week for the upcoming months, doctor?’

Should you be interested in the result of this test, arm yourself with patience and come back for the finissage.