Leon Eisermann at Pozi Driv Two / London

Leon Eisermann
Am besten bringen Sie ihn an der Kühlschranktür an

October 26th - January 4th 

Pozi Driv Two
27A Dalston Lane
London UK

Behind the door,

Dark factories, featherless white chicken dancing in the cold empty club.
Landliebe (country love)
Greta Thurnberg
Old stuff out, new stuff in, but watch out, space is limited—or so they say
Fill it so it will fill you
Fill it
Fill it
Fill it so it fills you
Old food
The fight against the capitalist gut microbiome
I scream for peanut butter on toast
Open the door for too long — it’s bad for the Ozone layer
Clay burns at 1500 degrees fahrenheit, impossible conditions for Protein-based products to survive.
Clay forms the golem
It’s getting hot in here.