Theo Mass Lexileictous at Eins gallery / Limassol

Theo Mass Lexileictous
The Ice Age

08 - 18.11.2019

Eins gallery
28 themidos st
3036 Limassol

Images courtesy the artist and Eins gallery

Eins gallery is pleased to present Theo-Mass Lexileictous’ solo exhibition entitled The Ice Age. This body of work is the consummation of three years of investigation into our distanced and complex relationship with the environment and nature, and the ephemeral, while questioning digital and physical fabrication processes to understand our evolving relationship to matter.

Theo-Mass’ work explores the boundaries between the digital and the existent, the relationship between the human and the machine, and its distinctive aesthetic, which focuses and experiments with the sensory experience of light, space and form. He works across a range of mediums, from sculpture, installation, photography to film, crossing boundaries between disciplines. Exploring the ever-changing nature of materiality and the meaning of substance in a Postdigital era, this work addresses these issues; however, unlike his previous works, it is removed from the technological and machine made.

‘The Ice Age’ presents 3 new performative sculptural hybrid objects which constantly evolve and change, an approach that generates a network of dynamic and unpredictable living situations that unfold in real-time. 

The symmetrical and geometric shape of the ice is suggestive of how water, which is free and boundless, is disciplined and controlled. Nonetheless, the development here suggests the contrary. While all the sculptures result from the same process, their journey and outcome is unique. The installation is a reminder that the forces that shape nature are more powerful and will last longer than us. It points to a material transformation: the crystallization of time into form and vice versa.

Theo-Mass’ “THE ICE AGE” installation combines not only natural, physical and fictional elements, but also produces an immersive, constantly changing condition, in which the object is in a continuous effort to adapt to it. A constructed environment where its survival is predetermined.