Psifiakos - Digital Destruction at Daily Lazy Projects / Athens

Psifiakos - Digital Destruction

Eva Papamargariti, Evangelos Papadopoulos and Paul Schwer

curated by Wilko Austermann

Daily Lazy Projects
Sina 6 & Visarionos 9
10680 Athens

Photos: Christos Simos
Images courtesy the aritsts and Daily Lazy Projects

The show Digital Destruction, featuring works by Eva Papamargariti, Evangelos Papadopoulos and Paul Schwer, focuses on the interface between the digital and the analog worlds. The artists create a collaborative installation of sculpture and video. The destruction is present through the shapes they are using. Figures turn into liquid digital forms, turning the space into a special experience. Eva Papamargariti’s practice focuses on time-based media but also printed material and sculptural installations that explore the relationship between digital space and (im)material while Paul Schwer`s works of interrelate colour, light and materials in a pronouncedly spatializedy mode of painting charged with sculptural and installation-like impulses. In his expansive pictorial inventions, painting is transformed into a dynamic, accessible, spatially tangible experience at once reflecting the development of the art of painting immersing the context of our contemporary consciousness of acceleration and the urbanity of the major metropolises. Papadopoulos’ works virtually gain a hallucinatory power. They evoke a potential of emotionally-loaded spacial energy. These works are so multifaceted and also full of different aspects that they cannot be assigned to simple descriptive categories. In this sense, they are sculptures of experience at first. A study of these works only makes sense when they are in motion and can be experienced in the space transformed by them so that the gentle, utopian potential of these works becomes obvious. Kindly supported by NRW KULTURsekretariat and Efimerida ATH cafe