Fixing my gaze at Pferd / Vienna

Fixing My Gaze

Leon Höllhumer, Evelina Jonsson, Yein Lee, Céline Struger, Chin Tsao

14 September - 8 October, 2019

Medwegweg 3
Vienna, Austria

Before I started my sculpture studies, I went to see an eye doctor. I knew since childhood that due to my strabismus (bong eyes) I am not able to perceive spatial depth. I wanted to know what this would mean for my future sculptural practice. When I had to look at the board of the Lang-Stereotest, depicting simple objects (a star, a cat, a car), all I saw was image noise.

For Fixing my Gazefive artists are investigating the borders of human perception regarding the two-, resp. three-dimensionality of their surroundings. Starting from diverse media (print, sculpture, sound/video and performance) they approach the interfaces of plasticity and its imitation. Deceptively genuinematerials, such as fools gold and marble linoleum will be assembled to a spatial illusion. During the opening and the weekly program these artificial sceneries are going to be rearranged and used as a flexible environment for performances. The aim is to dissolve the categories of display, installation and stage and evaluate substance and authorship.
Céline Struger