All this, Sweetie, will one day be yours at Melange / Cologne

Jacky Connolly, Samantha Bohatsch, Elisabeth Greinecker, Frieder Haller & Phung-tien Phan, Svea Mausolf, Simon Mielke, Eva Vuillemin, Jasmin Werner

06 04 2019 — 05 05 2019

curated by Melange and Moritz Scheper

Moselstr. 68

Images courtesy the artists and Melagne

All This, Sweetie, Will One Day Be Yours sounds like a love letter, or at least pretends to. Something is in the air, a promise, an expectation you can cling to. One looks hopefully towards the future, waits, dreams, until given the insight that all that should happen may never happen. Perhaps the object of the promise has already been forgotten, or it never existed at all. Perhaps you even never knew what to hope for. Nevertheless one waits. The only thing that remains is to look ahead, or back, or actually it doesn't matter. Just keep looking. Dull perseverance will get things solved, hopefully. One dreams of the great dream, of a longing, but that is also exhausting. Not even that happens by itself. In the end you wake up and stay where you were before. Hoping that the cycle will not repeat itself, you might want to forget yourself. Dreams and wishes are fragile. They reflect the failure of  one's own expectations and the diffuse desire for a new and better life that will never come true. The big promise, to us and the others, maybe it's just too much. The imperatives of a successful living need a correction. Everyone talks to convince themselves of the right way, to feel the right thing, to possess the right thing. Love too, will certainly come. But it doesn't need to. You still have your illusion of it.