Gala Knörr at Centro Cultural CAJAGRANADA / Granada, Spain

Gala Knörr / Insert Witty Project Title

14 March - 14 April, 2019

Centro Cultural CAJAGRANADA
Av. de la Ciencia, 2
18006 Granada

'Insert Witty Project Title' is a project conceived through humour and the re-appropriation of images and existing ideas, where through artistic creation and intervention we can generate reflections that explore the associative nature within consumer culture, the capitalization of social movements and the representation of diversity in the media. 
Within FACBA'19 a collaborative audio piece was created with Hugo Carretero, Associate Professor of the Department of Behavioral Science Methodologies at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universidad de Granada in Granada (Spain). The piece, downloadable during the exhibition and accessible online, is an spontaneous conversation between the artist and Hugo Carretero, tackling the use of humour in art from a science perspective, and the effects humour has had socially with the exponential growth of the use of social media, memes and the internet.