Phanos Kyriacou at Eins Gallery / Limassol

Phanos Kyriacou
Garden Sculptures

15 December 2018 - 2 February 2019

Eins Gallery
28 Themidos str
3036 Limassol

Images courtesy the artist and Eins Gallery

Eins Gallery is pleased to present Phanos Kyriacou’s solo exhibition, entitled Garden Sculptures. This body of work by Phanos Kyriacou was created over a course of several years. Whether they are iscerned as garden sculptures or not, the exhibition’s title offers a field for play from which to adopt a view, to relate to an open site as suggested by the artist. This is their first showing and our first  sharing with them. Between functional objects, affable forms, a graciously architected space of being social and public, these types of “garden” sculptures prompt a situation, an imaginative or imaginaryspace in which they cohabit and where we get to practice suspending time to perceive how they behave and where they take us. Sweeping in stature, they address each autonomous other, extending themselves into a generous sociality where to immerse in “space” is to become part of the fluid and transferable relationship of host and guest. The role of “space” is in question, and its features, the garden, the gallery, the sculptures in relation to their surroundings, immediate and implied, are to be conjured by the people present who cross into the same setting. How these act together and how they perform their features, their materiality, their value, manifests in the reflection of how one views. 

Maria Petrides, independent writer