Julie Monot at Arsenic / Lausanne, Switzerland

Julie Monot

Green Room
curated by Elise Lammer for Alpina Huus

17 — 26 January 2018

Centre d’art scénique contemporain
Rue de Genève 57
CH-1004 Lausanne

all photos (c)Julien Gremaud | Alpina Huus | Arsenic

It's hard to trace the origins of a Green Room, a term defined in traditional Anglo-Saxon theatre as a dressing room for artists; a place to wait before entering the stage. If Teatro Real's Salón Verde in Madrid is predominantly green, it's not always the case with the modern versions of this waiting room, which often keep from the colour only the name.

Artist Julie Monot (*1978 Lausanne, lives and works in Lausanne) summons this specific space, which sits between the private and public realms, during an exhibition brought to life over the course of a 4-hour performance on the opening night on 17 January 2019. Over fifteen anthropomorphic sculptures were created by Monot on this occasion and will then be activated, without announcement, during the following week, creating unexpected overlaps with other programmed performances and the daily life of the art center.