Thanasis Totsikas at Aetopoulos Athens / Athens, Greece

Thanasis Totsikas 


September 28 - November 10, 2018 

Organized by Aetopoulos Athens and Alexios Papazacharias
Curated by Alexios Papazacharias

Perikleous 24, Syntagma, Athens, Greece  

Thanasis Totsikas presents Vocals at Aetopoulos Athens. This work is the first solo presentation of Thanasis Totsikas in Athens after lots of years. The “vocals” of Thanasis Totsikas is the evolution of the musical instruments he creates (mostly stringed and wind) and the result of a systematic study of music that exists outside the conservatoires and the academies for the last thirty years. After Totsika’s live performance on September the 27th - the recording of the performance is presented at the space as a video installation.

*All photos by Athanasios Gatos 
Coordination and communication: Stefanos Giannoulis
Images courtesy of Aetopoulos Athens 

All works courtesy of the artist