13 Jardines II: Encuentro de Arte y Cultura / Requinoa, Chile

13 Jardines II Encuentro de Arte y Cultura

Catalina Andonie, Catalina Cárcamo, Elena Vial, Francisca Sánchez, Hugo Leonello, Julen Birke, Pablo Rodriguez, Rocío Guerrero, Rosario Aninat, Simón Fuentes, Soledad Chadwick, Tarix Sepúlveda, Paula de Solminihac, Francisco Lira, Trinidad Vicuña, Álvaro Muñoz, Amanda Hansen, Bastián Arce, Fernando Peñaloza, Ignacio Navarrete, Ignacio Torres, Javiera Gómez, Macarena Cuevas, Martín Bonnefont, Martín Peña, Samuel Cortés, Vicente Baeza, Adolfo Bimer, Alejandro Palacios, Alejandro Quiroga, Antonia Daiber, Aranzazú Moena, Diego Santa María, Esperanza Rojo, Fátima Pecci, Francisco Peró, Germán Tagle, Ignacio Gumucio, Josefina Mellado, Juan Martinez, Juana Subercaseaux, Krasna Vukasovic, Martin Bruce, Martín Daiber, Matías Solar, Mono Lira, Pascuala Lira, Vicente Matte

10-18 November, 2018

Fundo las Cabras s/n
Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins

Photography by Sebastián Mejía

"13 Gardens Art Encounter" will be held for second consecutive year, with the aim of providing a meeting-point between artists and public in a rural environment far from traditional cultural epicenters of Chile.

With works by more than 40 artists, the exhibition will be organized by themed sections that will occupy the gardens and the different rooms of an eighteenth-century construction in Fundo Las Cabras, located in Requinoa, Chile. The encounter will feature a sculpture park, a hall dedicated to painting and a hall that will bring together works by young emerging artists.

"According to the historical project, the garden, unlike a forest, should not have the possibility of going out of control. It must be a fence. Everything must be regulated and delimited according to its enjoyment. Recognizing this aspect, 13 Gardens seeks to reverse the relationship of man and nature, tensioning the logics of domination and control associated with the landscape," explains Sofia Edwards, director of the initiative.

"13 Gardens" will feature the work of 46 emerging and established artists, most of whom created specific works for the occasion. Some of the artists who will be presenting their works are: Catalina Andonie, Ignacio Gumucio, Esperanza Rojo, Hugo Leonello, Antonia Daiber, Bastián Arce, Amanda Hansen, among many others.

The event, which will be free of charge and open to all public, will take place between Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 18th of November at Fundo Las Cabras in Requínoa and it will include guided tours, as well as a complete gastronomic offer and an editorial section.