Mit Borrás at Exgirlfriend Gallery / Berlin

Mit Borrás / Mother Machine

22 September  -  13 October 2018 

Exgirlfriend Gallery
Holsteinischestrasse 18
12161 Berlin

Courtesy of the gallery and the artist. © Mit Borrás

I share clothes with six other pregnant women, each one in silence we lubricate the skin of the belly, the tits and the thighs with the hand or with massagers of those balls. I look at the color of my nipples and compare them with those of my companions, they are all violets and we comment it. The fault is the blue led light of the wardrobe that makes us see ourselves as inhabitants of Pandora, a planet moon Polyphemus inhabited by a humanoid race called na'vi waiting for Jake to come to fuck us the afternoon. Jake does not arrive for now, so we keep giving cream until the coccyx. We dressed as goddesses of reproduction with metallic bodies, sidereal prints with galaxies, explosions of supernovas. We repeat the ritual every day at 8:00 pm before leaving the ovaries performing prenatal yoga exercises in the adjoining room.
You can not put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get, the slogan of this wellness center. The yoga group talks a lot about mind control and magazines circulating about the importance of nature observation, we talked a long time about an article that deals with the life of mushrooms before Rudy, the monitor, begins the yoga session with an invitation to breathe well deep.
Just by hearing Rudy's voice I enter a peaceful state and feel the fetus with intensity, the head pressing my bladder and my feet close to my lungs; I perceive the birth canal as a polished, lime-green cavern. The walls of the room twist and the long legs of my companion in front look like spider legs when she flexes her knees and touches the floor with her ass. There is an ultrasonic humidifier in a corner, they always put essence of cinnamon and mint that gives a roll as well as a spa that invites to levitate. I fly over mountains of pink velvet and I fall into a transparent container full of mist and I make Vapeo. What an immense pleasure to fill my lungs and leave behind behind my neck an innocuous white cloud. I have a hard stomach all the time. Finished.
I always carry white tea and tangerines in my sports bag for after these sessions; that taste of health that I like so much and that I know will not come back. I walk with my knees loose to the exit, I chew strawberry gum like I'm drunk, I talk to the receptionist for a while and she reminds me that they have special courses to recover the figure after giving birth. I pay the 80 euros of the monthly payment. I keep the receipt on my neckline tattooed with the phrase Throw your umbilical cord so you can climb back, Nirvana.
The work of Mit Borrás is essentially installation, objects organized in the space keeping an almost surgical order. The artist deals with issues related to progress and the aesthetic place occupied by technological devices; works with plastics, silicones and all kinds of synthetic materials that offer a certain contemplative pleasure due to their soft ergonomic curves; the precise flight and apparent self-government of a drone and the type of gears of a medical prosthesis play a decisive role for the artist when it comes to understanding his own work in motion.
The conception that Mit Borrás has of nature makes the natural of the artificial indivisible, considers that the fruits of science are as virtuous as the fruits of nature and that the changes suffered by organisms to adapt to the environment are comparable to the efforts of science for providing us with a longer and more pleasant life, keeps the same admiration for insects that use mimicry to survive than for latex pillows.
In the background plans the idea of being immortal, but not as one that exists indefinitely but as one who lives in harmony with their environment and transcends by accepting the acts of women and men on this planet as acts of search for stability and peace; Assume ourselves as explorers of the state of minimum energy and maximum stability through resources such as chromotherapy and aromatherapy.
From the conviction that the animal kingdom adapts to nature just as humans adapt nature to their own needs, the artist works with objects of industrial production designed for balance and anatomical accommodation. Think of the human being as a being that modifies, designs and ergonomizes his body and surroundings, resulting in works that allude in a certain way to reproductivity and sexuality from the most industrial and inorganic point of view.

Exgirlfriend Gallery presents in Berlin from September 22 to October 13 the exhibition Mother Machine, a set of pieces that the artist has developed in 2018 for space. Mit Borrás addresses in this exhibition through installations and videos, topics related to technology and the idea of progress; pieces that allude to the processes of ergonomic transformation to which we subject the materials in an attempt to imitate the acts of adaptation that nature itself performs. Self-improvement robots as absent protagonists, the technological singularity as the engine of a work replete with allusions to the biological from the artificial.

Text by Rachel Lamot