Philip Poppek at Stadium / Berlin

Philip Poppek
cris d’oiseaux, horizon 

14.7 – 11.8.2018

Potsdamer Straße 70

10785 Berlin

The entire catalogue raisonné of the painter is scanned and an archive of all contained word paintings is created. The archive is subjected to an automated vectorization process. Painted images are photographed on film grain or chip, printed as a raster image in the catalogue, converted into vector graphics by an algorithmic process. This way the paintings become logos. The font is separated from the images, cut in individual letters and transferred to a new catalogue. This results in a large archive of single letters of the painter. An alphabet is to be created. From A-Z. An alphabet of the painter who dedicated himself to the difference between the pictures, words and things, becomes an alphabet of differences between sounds and signs. A as deputy for the alphabet. The apple as a substitute for the A. All letters as substitute for the constant performance of difference between things. A poem with some necessary questions. As a letter. Read.

And here, too:
A bird call on the horizon, pointing to a stone rolling down a wooded hill.