B-Sides at SALOON, hosted by Komplot 
/ Brussels


Christiane Blattmann, Deborah Bowmann, Nick Defour, Fedra Dekeyser, Victor Delestre, Michel François, Gaillard & Claude, Kevin Gallagher, Nicholas Goudket, Brendan Jaks, Dorota Jurczak, Ekaterina Kaplunova, Roel Kerkhofs, Felix Kindermann, Tom Krol, Bart Lescrève, Perri MacKenzie, Jannis Marwitz, Hana Miletic, Sophie Nys, Lola Pertsowsky, Marina Pinsky, Juan Pablo Plazas, Felicitas Rohden, George Rippon, Kurt Ryslavy, Vincent Vandaele, Michael Van den Abeele, Charlotte vander Borght, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyse, Maarten Van Roy, Richard Venlet, and Anna Zacharoff

7-22 July 2018 

Temporarily hosted at the space of Komplot 

Chaussée de Forest 90 
1060 Brussels 

Photography: Lola Pertsowsky, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and SALOON.

Let’s try with some vocals...

Baside is the main reproductive organ of the champignons homobasidiomycètes. Biside is a very well known brand of baby seats and blankets. Boside is theblast name of Dr. Neil living in Riverside, CT, USA. According to one of his patients: “Dr. Boside is quickly asks the right questions, doesn’t waste time on the wrong ones, and is kind and personal”. Buside stands for the Bloomberg Silver Subindex Euro Hedged Daily, I don’t need to explain that I think, but it’s doing pretty well in the stock market today.

Makes sense no?

Now what about Beside? I think you missed Beside!

Oh no, don’t remind about it, Beside is big trouble. Coming from the Old English be sidan it always meant: Being at the side of. But Beside let me ask you something, if you are always at the side of things: Which side are you on?

The moment you look at one side of things, Beside is at the other side. Elusive, deceiving and not very clear this Beside is.

Beside is by the side of another side, who is at the same time the side of this first side that stays by it’s side.

Beside is never visible because there is only one visible side of things. One shows itself while the other don’t.

Don’t even try to look for clarity in Beside because it might already by your side.

Juan Pablo Plazas, 2018