Ivan Pérard at Loggia / Munich

Ivan PérardMale Fantasy or Takeoff to the Milky Way of Cum or Carnal Bouquet or Eating Her or Her Eating Me but actually Her always was...

23 May  -  24 June 2018 

Gabelsbergerstr. 26 
80333 München

Ivan Pérard (b. 1984, Copenhagen) is harmonizing disparate images, narratives and aesthetics in fantastical objects. Seven polystyrol reliefs are exhibited at Loggia: scratched, drawn and coloured with ink, for the first time as a larger series. Like postcards written on vehicular wreckage, travelling from distant stars, fragments of stories gaze back at the spectator. The works embody both an ageless gloom and a crisp blush, that is luring away from the sinister events the imagery often originates from (e.g. Flight 571). In Ivan Pérard's process aimless research is essential, then forgetting the facts, and remembering the smell and touch. The physicality is a system of delivery, broadcasting snippets of out there onto the surfaces. The incorporation of lego increases the operational scope with a play of dimensions (wrecked part versus miniture whole), and an openness towards any fantasy (e.g. childish or utopic or sexual ones). As a human he suggests that the fantastic has a part to play: In optimism, progress and awareness of savagery, atrocity and love.

- Yves-Michele Saß

photography: Courtesy the artist and Loggia, Munich