Julia Aurora Guzmán at Mamey Galería / Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Julia Aurora Guzmán / How to Stand

16 November - 25 March 2018

Mamey Galería
Calle Las Mercedes 315
Ciudad Colonial, 10210 
Santo Domingo, Dominica Republica 


How to Stand is a site-specific exhibition and installation which inhabits the gallery by architecturally and sculpturally intervening the space. It acknowledges the history and architecture of the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and it responds to certain architectural elements by creating sculptures that re-contextualize their original function and labor. 

Influenced by the language of systems of support, architecture, and museology, this exhibit highlights a relationship between human, architectural, and sculptural bodies. The installation plays with scale and with its audience while igniting the imagination of spaces and movement through the phenomenology of immensity. 

Guzmán’s compositions are constructed to settle between the material’s logic and hers, balancing the industrial with the handcrafted through the aesthetics of geometry and tensegrity.