Caspar Heinemann at at ALMANAC / London

Caspar Heinemann
Shared Personal Gnosis

8 June—8 July 2017

 ALMANAC, London
191 Southwark Park Road
SE16 3TX, London

For all images:
Courtesy of the artist and ALMANAC, London/Turin

All photos by Oskar Proctor.

 ‘Dessert is the best time.’ - Larry Mitchell, The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions

cognitive behavioural therapy to encourage positive thinking feels as unreal as gay conversion therapy oh forget that i said that it’s actually going great thanks for asking at least i am clinging onto the last scraps of politicised foliage knotweed response able body politic i can grasp the refracted glitter of the nettle it is spring it is warm it is a terrible country we are in your hair smells perfect like sweat i am burning for vegetable-based hopeful breakfasts i can’t wrap my soul around the discursive snow globe anymore i am just building many crushable things and decorating them so so well translucent the world is literal drag and hard enough that the self congeals in the edges whilst presenting as ubiquitous but it’s actually green light gardening beetroots purple prose sweet potatoes honeysuckle bonfire disco balls in the orchard everything is fine sounds fake but ok historical attempts at transdimensional escape routes patchouli chasers and repetitive wind chimes against the structural flaw in the geodesic dome the yellow green purple rotated pentagon no jobs for no workers and just us now trying to try to try the way that’s not a way there is no dry land nobody knows what the inside of the moon looks like it is spring it is warm it doesn’t need to be anything else