Ioannis Koliopoulos at The daylight / Athens

Ioannis Koliopoulos 

"how to properly read a poem"

20 May - 30 June, 2017 *

The daylight
Epikourou 15, 4th floor 
Athens, 105 53 

The daylight presents “how to properly read a poem” 

How to properly read a poem 
Is an installation in a situation 
in a debt-trapped space,
which constitutes it as a non-site in transition.
It’s hypercomf’s first public appearance , the first attempt for a statement. 
Hypercomf is an artwork and it is a company that fabricates blankets, and accompanying poetry. Quilted ,stitched and sewn with socio-anthropological concepts, shapes, symbols and reimaginations 
Their main use may be to warm your sleep as blankets, they can also be used as wall hangings and even as garments, wrapped around one or more bodies like coats. 
Hypercomf is a new utopian productive model, that aims to revitalize and investigate the economy of the individual, its survival in a great big world, using constant humor and constant cultural reinvention. 
An ironic corporate profile that can exist no matter the surrounding situations. 
A name that comes from the cropping of the words: hyperbole and comfort, aiming to comment on the overabundance of material possesions , technological conviniences and comforts in a transitional post industrial society. 
The area chosen for this, the first appearance of Hypercomf , used to be a place full of thriving but small greek industries manufacturing footwear and clothes. In recent years the area has been gradually downgraded and now it hosts an array of shops with plastic and chemical goods mostly manufactured by enormous industries in China. 
A true and honest reflection of contemporary urban meta-society, a Babel of languages, cultures, a silly, dirty, holy land of consumption and Hypercomfs temporary home. 

The daylight
Dunya Jones, art director

*(Wednesday to Sunday / 12:30-18:30. During June by appointment. )