Daniel Koniusz and Talisa Lallai at Melagne / Cologne

Daniel Koniusz, Talisa Lallai

12 05 2017 — 04 06 2017

curated by Wschod Gallery 

Sudermanstr. 2
50670 Cologne

 Images courtesy the artists and Melagne

Different notions of nature appear throughout the works by Koniusz and Lallai that evoke a certain atmosphere of condensed tranquility. Thru their constellation of interacting embracement a shared prospect for history becomes evident, possibly reminding of the romanticized idea of the idyll, developed in the Greek-Romanic antique. Taking place in “Arcadia”, writers and artists dreamed about a place of a long forgotten golden era. Yet, past is only fading matter of time, being shrouded by sweeps of fleeting memories.