CAR SERVICE II at Enterprise Projects / Athens


Videos by: Sarah Abu Abdallah, Neil Beloufa, Superflex
Marble & Wallpaper by:  Vasilis Papageorgiou
Cigarettes by: Irini Miga
Mapping by: Dimitris Zampopoulos
Set design by: Enterprise Projects

31 of May-15 June 2017*

Enterprise Projects
Chalkidonos 56-58, 115 27, 
Ampelokipoi, Athens

Does the car owner gradually start looking like the car itself?
Does the car start to slowly look like its owner?
Underneath the foot, the accelerator, my toes spread like ivy.
Is there equality in the car cemetery?
Is the car an aged sex symbol?
A car is the promise that all of your desires will come true.
Does the driver need to be beautiful?
The children know that cars can talk.

Car Service II approaches the car as a symbol, a connection and a space. It examines the
fleeting impression of the aura that it exudes, It unfolds a version of our relationship with it.

* Opening hours:  Wednesday to Saturday 18:00-21:00 (except Saturday 3/6)

** All images are courtesy of Enterprise Projects and the artists
Photos by Stathis Mamalakis