Pedro Matos at Eduardo Secci Contemporary / Florence

Pedro Matos

“At once familiar and completely alien.”

27 April - 3 June 2017

Eduardo Secci Contemporary
Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2
50123 Firenze

Images courtesy the artist and Eduardo Secci Contemporary

How to find a balance, how to find the happy medium? One that falls between objectivity and subjectivity, between temporality and timelessness? Where lies the limit between a natural space and an urban space? Pedro Matos’ work oscillates between these concepts and these interrogations. In his canvasses, the artist references nature, the ocean. He imprints images, uses photography, resorts to technology – Photoshop and projection – to create these abstract artworks we are given to see. Inspired by random textures seen close to the sea or during his urban strolls, he draws us into his universe which, to us, seems at once familiar and completely alien.
This solo project by Pedro Matos introduces entirely new series of works, all of which co-exist and share the same intrinsic concept. In the series titled Carving, we can recognise messages and carvings such as those found on the walls of our cities, in stairwells or in the public toilets of motorway service stations. We can feel people’s desire to capture a moment, a love story, or simply express their identity. Matos seizes an ephemeral carving and restores its primary purpose: by imprinting these forgotten messages on his canvasses he gives them a second life – this time round, enduring. This notion is also present in the series titled Juxtaposition, where the abstract quality of textures and natural scenarios meticulously studied, juxtaposed and assembled enable to pause both time and space.
Matos transforms a banal image of our daily life and elevates it to the condition of a work of art. He enables us to see the beauty present in the banalities of everyday life. The series titled Subliminal Gesture also allows us to explore this concept, as the artist focuses on the typical paving found in suburban houses in Portugal. The marble that forms these disregarded pavings – cracked and laid out in a falsely geometric manner – inspires the artist. He nds in them a beauty and an interest they had never witnessed before.
For this exhibition, Matos also continues his exploration of sculpture, which has introduced a new dimension into his practice. While still using materials from daily life, this time he turns to stimulants, such as caffeine, and protein powder, among others. The artist places them in opposition to concrete, one of the materials most used in the construction of our urban spaces – once again a play between the strength and the sturdiness of a material with real qualities like concrete, and the emptiness, the quick gain and the non-lasting effect provided by these stimulants.
In this exhibition, Matos allows us to take a step back, to become observers of the surrounding world. He gives us the keys to nd a certain harmony amidst our chaos.
- Text by Pauline Foessel.