Thomas Geiger at SPERLING / Munich

Thomas Geiger
Private Monuments

17.03. - 22.04.2017

Regerplatz 2
81541 Munich


Images courtesy the artist and SPERLING

Dear visitor,
while one hole on Beyers Naude Square had become the staging ground for Kunsthalle3000
in Johannesburg, there had became apparent to me 8 other holes within the square – each
of which presented themselves to me equally as stages for activation as the Kunsthalle itself.
When I left Johannesburg, I took the shapes of the remaining 8 holes with me – intent
on making them rise themselves as eight stages in a different place. These stages are built
here in this exhibition with bricks, as a positive of the original holes and as an echo of the
daily life on public squares an the spontaneous gestures of its visitors. For you the viewer,
eight dedications can be found as an instruction for a small performance or momentary
gesture to activate these newly created stages. These are Private Monuments, created as
much from my own memory as from each generous moment and gesture afforded them by
visitors who pass them by: Long lives ephemeral monumentality!
Thomas Geiger