Maximilian Schmoetzer at Room E-10 27 / Berlin

Maximilian Schmoetzer / And then masses of detached stones and other accessories common to the genre

Curated by Thomas Butler  

18th March – April 30th  2017 

Room E-10 27
Kurf├╝rstenstra├če 174, 10785 Berlin
Open Saturdays 1pm-6pm / or by appointment 

Photos: Frank Sperling  

Room E-10 27 presents a solo exhibition by Maximilian Schmoetzer, the second 
in a series at Center. The artist has created a series of new  works, including 
a video, that address the destruction of the Roman Arch of Triumph at Palmyra,
Syria by ISIS in 2015. Its destruction  coincided with the extinction of the
Northern Bald Ibis—a bird native to this region, which lived among the ruins of
the ancient Roman city. While the Ibis colony did not survive, the Arch of
Triumph has been brought back to life with  a face-lift gone wrong.
Its  rematerialization and display with the help of 3D printing technology—
including a migratory tour of London, New York and Dubai—was undertaken by
the very same  powers responsible for the political instability that gave rise to
ISIS. It is testament to the bitter legacy of the colonial project rebooted for the
21st century. 
Recent solo presentations  include Bird of the Year 2022 at Ashley, Berlin;  A
Rare Bird in Estonia at Konstanet and Tallinna Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia.
Recent group presentations  include Hailweed at Auto Italia South East,
London;  dis order — Pattern and structures in the collection at Folkwang
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ICA London; Summer of Films at KOW Gallery, Berlin; and Stories in Your Mind
at Villa Merkel, Esslingen.