Dog. Piss. Protection. Boards.

Dog. Piss. Protection. Boards.
(Shapes Without Names exhibition #2)

Created by Martin Kohout in collaboration with Christina Gigliotti.

with Sofia Duchovny, Andrew de Freitas, Lars Holdhus, Martin Lukáč, Estrid Lutz Émile Mold, Sandra Mujinga, Elena Radice, Aurora Sander, Daniel Stempfer

Andrew de Freitas

Aurora Sander

Daniel Stempfer

Elena Radice

Estrid Lutz Émile Mold

Lars Holdhus

Martin Lukáč

Sandra Mujinga

Sandra Mujinga

Sofia Duchovny 

leave a car parked on the streets in a Beijing hutong
return to find it covered in dust the morning after

It has been almost a year since we took the photos, but look closer, the cracks and surfaces will reveal themselves in a form where time is lost.
100% zoom please. Stream the 4K into your retina.
dust—gloss—grease Repeat

It felt like attaching spam to some second hand pieces of street junk. We installed the works onto boards that people place in front of car wheels to protect them from dog piss. Our hands got dirty. The works surfaced and sometimes disappeared at the same rapid speed.

Sometimes the cars drove off and the works were left behind with the boards, protecting nothing. Someone partially ripped off another work, as if in protest. Bits laid nearby on the road. Dogs still pissed on their favorite spots, and soon the surviving works became so trashed that no one bothered to remove them. The surrounding noise quickly soaked into the exhibition, and at this stage, the works were no longer works but collapsing leftovers of models for the models to be rendered on your screen.

Dog. Piss. Protection. Boards. is the final form of the Dog. Piss. Protection. Attachments. group show that took place in the Dongsi hutong in Beijing on May 4, 2016 as part of Martin Kohout’s residency at the I:Project Space. The exhibiting artists are Sofia Duchovny, Andrew de Freitas, Lars Holdhus, Martin Lukáč, Sandra Mujinga, Elena Radice, Aurora Sander and Daniel Stempfer.
Supported by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (, I:Project Space, Beijing (, and Polansky Gallery, Prague (