daily lazy tip: Friday March 10 opening of ALFREDO ACETO at Andersen's / Copenhagen


March 10 - April 15, 2017 

Bredgade 28, Copenhagen 

Andersen's is pleased to present the gallery's first solo exhibition of the Swiss based, Italian artist Alfredo Aceto.  The exhibition will be shown in both Andersen’s Amaliegade and Bredgade locations and will be on view from March 10-April 15, 2017. 

Employing sculpture, film and sound, Alfredo Aceto creates spaces suspended between fiction and reality. Aceto's immersive environments are places to live, in which one finds a sort of melancholy, artificial time alteration and image saturation. The objects he produces are traces--blurred boundaries between his personal timeline and the collective one. His work arises from the will to create a place in which the various strata of a linear form of time are mixed, turning into a platform from which signs of different ages emerge.

For his latest project at Andersen’s, ​Endemisms​ , Alfredo Aceto uses sculptures, furniture pieces, a video and a series of watercolours to re-interpret Steven Spielberg’s ​ Duel​  (1971) which was shot during the early years of the car-chase in cinema. As Cedric Fauq describes in his recent essay ​ The Knight, the Alien, the Alliance (A guide for time-travel)​ , “The timeline – more than time itself – is precisely Alfredo Aceto’s primary obsession. Concerned with the way stories are narrated, his exhibitions are always finding a way to tell a story without telling one….In ​ Endemisms​ , (Alfredo Aceto) is using moving image to build his «to be continued» epic and boundless mythology.” 

Alfredo Aceto​  (b. 1991) studied at ECAL in Lausanne and MSA, Mountain School in Los Angeles. In 2015 he was the recipient of Kiefer Hablitzel Prize in Basel, Switzerland. His work has been shown in institutions such as Centre d’Art Contemporain (Geneva, CH), Kunsthaus Glarus (Glarus, CH), Museo del 900 (Milan, Italy). He is a Professor at ECAL and lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.