Ground Score at Skulpturinstitut / Vienna

Ground Score / Myles Starr, Chloe Stead, Daniel Stubenvoll

Organized by Philip Pichler


Paulusplatz 5, 1030 Vienna
Open on Sundays 15-18h

Myles Starr

Myles Starr

Myles Starr

Chloe Stead

Daniel Stubenvoll

 Myles Starr

Photos by Philipp Köster

„There was at the time a spate of strangely-themed blogs gaining attention in the media; sites where people would upload surreptitious mobile phone pictures of commuters. When I found a blurry photograph of myself taking a bite out of an apple on Women Who Eat On The Tube, I completely freaked out, flinching every-time I heard an iPhone. The tube had become unbearable. So instead I bought a bike, a metallic green single-speed, which was beautiful but just rusty enough to stop it from being a target of bike theft, and every day I would cycle to work.“  

(Excerpt from Summer by Chloe Stead)