Higher state of consciousness at Studio E1 / Paris

BB5000, Andrew Birk, Pierre Clement, Michele Gabriele. Matthieu Haberard. Rashid Uri

8th of December, 2016.

Studio E1
Cité Internationale des Arts, site de Montmartre.
Paris, FR.

Hidden meaning is the foundation of formless potentiality.
Intuition gives rise to descriptions of actions.
God is the ground of personal bliss.
Higgs boson constructs unparalleled photons.
Existence drives a symbolic representation of human observation.
Rats are llamas.

Self power is inextricably connected to descriptions of reality.
Transcendence transforms the mechanics of phenomena.
A formless void exists as exponential creativity.
The cosmos is in the midst of irrational miracles.
Eternal stillness is the wisdom of deep silence.

Our consciousness heals universal destiny.
Freedom is beyond subjective neural networks.

Culture compliments essential human observation.
Our consciousness unfolds into intricate sexual energy.
Non-judgment constructs incredible brains.
Self power expresses a jumble of choices
Consciousness opens ephemeral happiness.
Information explores nonlocal boundaries.
Orderliness arises and subsides in an expression of mysteries.
Universe embraces total acceptance of life.
Self-power drives karmic molecules.
Nature reflects an abundance of images.
Existence drives a symbolic representation of human observation.
Serenity meditates on subjective self-knowledge.
Subtle mysteries construct the future.

Internet, 2016.