First Utterance at Winterfeldtstr. 31 / Berlin

First Utterance at  Winterfeldtstr. 31 / organised by Alex Rathbone and Anna Lucia Nissen
14th november - 11th of december 2016
 open by appointment

Winterfeldtstr. 31
10781 Berlin

artists: Rob Chavasse, Anne Fellner- / Burkhard Beschow, Nicholas Hatfull, Wilhelm Klotzek, Anna Lucia Nissen, Alex Rathbone, Ari Sariannidis, Lennardt Schweder / Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Stefan Tcherepnin, Viktor Timofeev, Dominic Watson

Alex Rathbone

Anna Lucia Nissen

Anne Fellner

Ari Sariannidis

Burkhard Beschow

Burkhard Beschow

Dominic Watson

Lennardt Schweder, Laura Hinrichsmeyer

Nicholas Hatfull

Rob Chavasse

 Stefan Tcherepnin

 Viktor Timofeev

Wilhelm Klotzek

Anna Lucia Nissen

Rob Chavasse

images credits: Tobias Willman

Lust he follows virtue close
Through the steaming woodlands
His darkened blood through bulging veins
Through the steaming woodlands
Aah, aah
Virtue knows he follows softly
Through the steaming woodlands
Travel light the deathly shudder
Down the leafy pathway
Aah, ah, aah, ah
The dim light she comes peering through the forest pines
And she knows by the sound of the baying, by the baying of the hounds
Diana Diana kick your feet up
Lust bears his teeth and whines
For he's picked up the scent of virtue
And he knows the panic signs