Il s’est passé quelques choses at PPROMOTION / Paris

“Il s’est passé quelques choses”

a situation considered and devised by PPROMOTION, Eloi BOUCHER and: Ethan ASSOULINE, Louise CARSOUX, Mathilde DENIZE, Agata INGARDEN, Theophile MERCHADOU PINEAU 

- 25.09 

4 Rue Merlin 75011 Paris

To let things pass. To let things happen.

For their first collaboration, PPROMOTION and Eloi BOUCHER consider and devise a situation at 4 rue merlin, Paris. They invite five artists and think of the appropriation of a place that is at once intimate and a commercial space.

Familiar, daily, visited, assembled, private, naked. 

Alien, singular, unified, soiled, revealed, stripped. 

Some things have to happen.

The works presented suggest a loose form of fiction induced and produced by the space itself. They show the various passages and uses of this place, the artists presented experienced the space and ren- der their vision through the selected artworks. The common desire to use this place as a new situation and exhibition space, dedicated to experimentation, is only made possible by the artists and curators’ freedom to play with the intact and the altered, the gap and the truth, the fragment and the whole.

Agata Ingarden’s metallic structures immersed into golden resin evoke store signs. The silhouettes painted by Mathilde Denize are floating on the walls like human memories. Louise Carsoux’s objects are picked up here and there to be transformed in new combinations. An original and singular inves- tigation is led by Ethan Assouline. Two archaeological, greedy statuettes are voluntarily offered as a precarious and edible product by Théophile Merchadou Pineau. All of this builds, increases and invents temporary existences of this place.

The experience will end by a published object, a witnes of the temporary passanger exhibition.

PPROMOTION, created in 2016, is a project of creating SITUATIONS in real and/or fictionous and/or theoretical and/or virtual spaces. Manon Anne and Julien Deransy are the Ppromotorsof the situations created within the PPROMOTION project. The place, the time and the subject are the three necessary conditions to create the different situations at PPROMOTION. PPROMOTION is an artist-run-space without defined space, highlighting shifting, changing and evolving situations according to the promoted projects. Ppromotors work alone, in duo, or in association with artists, theorists, writers, architects, landscape-architects, anthropologists, curators and other situations creators. PPROMOTION is a project under perpetual construction, in search for collaborations, without restriction of place, time and subject.Eloi Boucher studies at Villa Arson. After working as an assistant in various galleries and artist-run space (Exo Exo, JeanRochDard, Valentin, etc), he starts to develop his own curatorial projects.