Hydroponic Forms at Galerie Ampersand / Cologne

Hydroponic Forms 
Eight artists from Los Angeles

with: Brian Bress, Josh Callaghan, Michael Decker, Sean Higgins, Amanda Ross-Ho, Bas Louter, Fay Ray, Eric Yahnker

 02/09/2016 - Sa/12/11/2016  

galerie ampersand
Venloer Str. 24 50672 

Hydroponic Forms brings together eight artists who emerge out of the delicate cultural ecosystem of contemporary Los Angeles. Hydroponic agriculture is a means to support plant life on a carefully composed liquid diet of nutrients and water without soil. The technology allows you to grow plants in places that wouldn’t otherwise sustain life; warehouses, spare bedrooms, garages and closets for example. Art in Los Angeles grows in similar marginal spaces fed by a nutritive stream that is harder to chemically identify, but likely contains elements of obsessive compulsive behaviors and therapeutic handicraft; celebrity worship, cultural detritus and profundity through superficiality; and a volatile compound of self-loathing and megalomania. Given time and space these plants can bear flowers, even fruit. 

*Copyright of the exhibition pictures by: Fotostudio Helle Kammer l Cologne