Gina Folly at Almanac / London

Gina Folly / Domestic Problems

02 October05 November 2016

191 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3TX, London
Entrance at the back of the building from Alexis Street

All Photos are courtesy the Artist and Almanac, London

A forced intimacy informs the ambiguities and frictions that establish the space in which a subject is formed. Stretched, shattered body traces rest on their own. Broken images lie drained – marked by a quest for comfort. Before their eyes, promises of happiness vanish. Screens’ reflections light blue irises. Reversed gazes explore the relations between inside and outside; a shared space built through connections and everyday struggles. They redefine a presence embracing your feeling. Now we’re so close that I cannot see you anymore.
Fragmented singularities, increasingly disembodied and immaterial, flutter on fluid intersections. Skins, membranes, porous boundaries regulate the exchanges and contaminations between the private and the public, between individual and collective spaces. Intermediations of codes, flesh and desires entangle their surfaces and biological structures.
Domestic Problems is the first solo exhibition in the UK by Swiss artist Gina Folly.