Sauersazobomb at Richardstrasse / Berlin

Sauersazobomb / organized by Info-Punkt and Melbourneoffsiteindex

July 10, 2016

Grace Anderson, Burkhard Beschow, Rafael Delacruz, Hana Earles, Ida Ekblad, Jens Einhorn, Hamishi Farah, Anne Fellner, Parker Ito, Helen Johnson, Lukas Quietzsch, Zac Segbedzi, Alex Vivian

With text by Calum Lockey & Aurelia Guo

Ida Ekblad 

Alex Vivian 

Zac Segbedzi 

Hamishi Farah 

Burkhard Beschow 

Burkhard Beschow 

Burkhard Beschow 

Grace Anderson 

Jens Einhorn 

Anne Fellner 

Lukas Quietzsch 

Lukas Quietzsch 

Burkhard Beschow

Hana Earles 

Hana Earles 

Parker Ito 

Rafael Delacruz 

 Calum Lockey & Aurelia Guo 

Burkhard Beschow 

Jens Einhorn 

Writing down the list of everything i was avoiding was so petty, i was embarrassed, they weren’t even worth avoiding - replace door handle, phone case, reply to emails and msgs. Ive been trying to Face Everything and no longer be motivated by avoidance. Things i need to do sooner or later, that get harder the longer i leave them. Avoidance is a big factor

I never felt like ‘subculture’ had any relevance/application to me growing up w chinese immigrant parents in suburban sydney, 90s and 2000s. Maybe i had no way of avoiding adult responsibility - i got it v young

Subculture is a retreat from the ramifications of adult masculinity
A way of prolonging childhood and adolescence
Not wanting to be an absent father
Not wanting to be a distant father. To be bald, to have a beer gut, nose hair, to disgust women
To have heart disease and skin cancer

I’d rather hang out with the lost boys than the found men anyday
Dont u want to be a good dad like kanye west

Male youth and beauty are just as interlinked as female youth and beauty since heroin chic AKA since the aftermath of AIDS
Male beauty as to be thin, white, waif-like, child like or teenage
Runaway. Oliver twist

How many (black) graffiti writers did madonna, blondie and patti astor fuck, i wonder if they paid them

Paul walker was a model of white masculinity that was at home with black and Asian co-stars, his credibility didnt completely evaporate alongside black and Asian co-stars. The ‘marginal’ ‘endangered’ identity of so many angry white men - punk, hardcore, etc - just evaporates if put in the same frame as black men facing police brutality and mass incarceration. Fear and hostility toward blackness by white men who see their ‘underdog’ status under threat.

Somehow paul walker was more solid than this, less brittle or fragile
I think this was part of the sadness of his death
Fast and the Furious was somehow important to me, i guess it was one of the only popular depictions that i saw growing up where black, hispanic, asian characters were not whitewashed, were not to prevailing white tastes, a prevailing white palette.

Also I was obsessed with models, maybe models demonstrate the lie that is hegemonic whiteness
Eastern european models that don’t conform to mandatory, monocultural, universal whiteness, prescribed in Australian suburbs and cities that are suburbs
Also models are ‘mixed’ Black and Asian models are celebrated for their beauty, their physical difference from white models
Models meant that sophisticated, chic and global did not mean all white all the time
That beach babes were a specific and restricted subset
I was also thrilled by the Cinderella stories of models plucked from humble and obscure origins
Also that a legible set of criteria existed by which these girls were obviously excellent
Modelling may be nepotistic and exploitative as everything else or worse but genetically the girls really are freaks

Saying goodbye to the Greens vote left humanism that combines concern about ‘the environment’ and ‘human rights’ with overt anti-Chinese and anti-black racism like an inch from the surface
People who wring their hands about cheap, fake, toxic Chinese food and goods, Chinese developers buying Australian real estate, people who think Kanye and Rihanna are ‘disgusting’ alienating and scary

Peoples attitudes to Kanye are such a good indicator of who is racist

What year did subculture die? When did the wall come down?
The year i was born
Tiananmen massacre

Was there subculture in the 90s tho - like rave? Like The Face? Kids
AIDS killed subculture by killing a generation of artists and people who made culture - fashion, nightlife, music, people who were just….influential in how they lived, visible and influential. Artists invented loft living. And killed the meatpacking district. Or made it something else, something very different. Is Emo subculture? Emo boys kissing. Is My Space subculture. Are school shooters ‘subculture’. Is Reddit. Is Red pill. Are MRas subculture
Are drugs subculture. Feels now that u can be into drugs and not fashion, nightlife, music -- just into the social or cultural life u need to get the drugs
Is sex subculture or was it before AIDS. Is it a form of social life that is ‘free’ in some ways, that resists regulation in some ways, is it??? AIDS as a critique of sex, the hope of sex

Heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine. Xanax is the new heroin or
Prescription drugs are killing us. And making it possible to live. In our conditions. Under our conditions
To me: culture is what is made by people. Literally, culture is … the expression people make to communicate with one another … to signify belonging, non-belonging, participation non-participation, etc
Culture is made by people and people…. Get sick and die
When they get … poisoned and killed. Think of who died in the AIDS epidemic in the 80s in the states

But were not talking about culture were talking about subculture
Cultures have different ways of approaching death but subcultures administration of death is infamy, of living through micro sociality, like in art its talking about Martin Kippenberger or Colin De Land decades after their dead, like that component of subculture within art is still operating, but will that still function when Isa Genzken dies,

Hm isnt our time more micro-social than pre social media...our time is nano social! Famous for 15 people
Wont there always be mythologising of the peple that made an impact w their work / force of personality etc in ‘their time’
I guess that actually feeds into subcultural betrayal, social media contains infamy, narrative, self mythology so much more effectively that subculture ever did. Like matthew would never be able to self mythologise as effectively without instagram, i mean all the comfortable artists in berlin living and partying, what would it be without representation, it would be a subculture but you dont need to constitute it like that because its represented so effectively.

What happens in the translation of … thoughts into words …. Or photos on iphone to photos on Instagram … i feel like ive switched gears when i take personal iphone photos, that arent for instagram. Arena of social contest. Gladiator
So did subculture die in 19??
Subculture relies on romance and a core component of romance is naiviety, so now that that’s gone the suspension of belief required to enter is too high to enter. So when the wall came down, did naivety come down with it. Was the collapse of the wall the first act of mass mediatised betrayal, if sex is a subculture then AIDS betrayed/poisoned/destroyed/critiqued it.

Its funny for urgency to be gone -- when everything is so -- instant, immediate, 4 hour shipping, jsut in time production, 2 weeks from design to stores (ZARA), broadband as human right -- but ur right, most art isnt urgent, its far from urgent. I feel like the apocalypse happened and no one told us. I think urgency doesnt feel present. Idk if it felt more present in the past.

I dont know if urgency is gone, do u think it is? I mean confusion and complication is pretty urgent at the moment theyre both increasing exponentially

baby d - ‘I want a bf that raps and does graffiti’

Is graffiti bohemian?
Its more bohemian than idk….gaming
Its more bohemian than skating or surfing
Maybe bc its not a sport or the sport aspect is like

graffiti as a formal code was started by young latina girls in NYC, the boys would copy the bubble letters they did in their exercise books
one of the first graffiti writers was Cornbread from philadelphia and he started writing graffiti so a girl he liked would notice him, he would write his name along her bus line.

I think its so romantic its about the name, naming,
Girls that are like,
Write my name
Its so funny

Graffiti is about love, subculture is about love, its about looking for love               are we born too late for love?


Sometimes i wonder if im born too soon, not too late. Idk for what
Nostalgia for what
Conservation of what
Love 3016

There has been a swap between affect and effect in subculture
Its codes have been turned inside out
Graffiti is not a resistant action against real estate and gentrification but a vital and effective tool in gentrifications irresistability.

Gaming culture has destroyed subculture    It has effectively and honestly embraced and dealt with late capital and the net and exists generally harmoniously within these structures instead of attempting or affecting to combat them     If i was 16 would i find love in the game or find love in the streets  Something happened to locality, it stopped being something you existed within and started being something that was sought or constructed.
Perhaps we discovered how little we actually have in common with each other, when transparency and communication rises the lack of familiarity becomes more distinct, theres nothing more isolating than tinder.
                       How did autism effect subculture, its one of the most influential dynamics within art, does the autists mind and its reliance upon understanding through networks and structures inherently destabilise subculture which was perhaps not ready for a critique of its architecture from within. “if you dont stop white knuckling relevance like that your going to crash”

I guess that it becomes specifically about what u give or what u invest, and what u expect in return.
Betrayal is about expectations,

It also seems personal -- about promises. It seems interpersonal. Like u dont just make up an expectation out of a vacuum, or even purely based on ur own past experence. Its a promise made by a person to another person

I think what confuses me when u talk about ‘subculture and betrayal’ is that to me, ppl who wind up extremely lost and damaged are….not even ‘betrayed’ but…..impacted, affected, maybe worn out or fucked up….by…
Like life is fucked up no matter what
Life will fuck u up
Even when u do everything right, everything ur supposed to do, thats supposed to keep u safe

I wonder if subculture is meant to protect you, i guess its definetely got a tribe thing going on, like in the warriors, you find your tribe and you work together to find meaning, i guess thats where the betrayal is the most distinct, theres no meaning to be found in these sub cultures any more, you enter and you do your time and you pay your dues and you join the hierarchy but at the end of it theres no answers, theres no more clarity, and thats for sure emblamatic of a much larger condition but it feels so succint in subculture because its so micro and frantic to begin with, i felt so confused by the young crust punks covered in face tats on the denmark-germany ferry the other day, like dont they know that this is over?  can t they feel whats coming,

Style Wars made a lot of promises
Did u believe them. I mean: i loved watching that. It was very romantic

How could you resist it, who wouldnt be seduced

Seduction and betrayal


Does this come to this painful thing where like, i watch Heat and im like ‘this is what guys THINK they are’
Like u dont want to KNOW what guys actually are
U think u are Style Wars but u r ------
Perhaps this is betrayal. That it doesnt make u who u think u r, who u want to be. Self determination is a scam :( yes
Everyone else decides who r u (allowed to be) within strict limits before ur born. Everyone else + impersonal forces, history, etc

That your not allowed to choose who u r :<
It doesnt matter how mcuh faith you have god still hates you

Maybe the freedom and autonomy of white men is a trap
Like no one ultimately gets to decide who they want to be
Even the expanded freedom that white men have e.g. to break laws and not go to jail, compared to non-white men
Is still a marginally expanded freedom in the scheme of  …. Limitations of free will as the human condition lmao
Like self knowledge is not achievable and knowledge of the world, the future, other people, is not achievable, there is so much that we don’t know, structurally its hidden from us, it cant be accessed by reason

Signified is empty but signifier is very full
specificity and sign as capital
Specificity as critique of/resitance to complication/confusion/vaguness/avoidance/deferal,

Something weve talked about before in regards to art is the current condition having a distinct lack of energy/momentum etc
i  guess that refers back to the urgency thign, there is an urgent need for urgency
I remember you said to me the idea of “luxurising” something of overloading it with itself, like how a hermes bag is the sign of itself, metonymic or watvr, but also contains too much of itself? Like exists too wholly as itself, is overflowing with its own signifier,
Thats kind of what happens with huge paintings, i was laughing during the install because there are just a bunch of huge paintings and there kind of ridiculous but also totally effective, like formally they trounce the cliche and exist succesfully

State of emergency
Like men being so handsome i think its silly and not sexy
Huge paintings are funny

-       Aurelia Guo & Calum Lockey